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Why Use North Star Helicopters?

-  continue to upgrade technology and equipment to maximize spray coverage while minimizing off-site drift.
-  work directly with chemical manufacturers and the extension service to improve application techniques.   
-  train our crews to recognize plant growth stages so we will only spray when it is in the right phase to maximize control.
-  are constantly monitoring the weather at the job site instead of the conditions at the airfield.
-  are always taking soil temperature on the actual job site and not at the airfield.
-  are using calibrated chemical meters to ensure the proper amount of pesticide goes out on the tract.
-  have triple-rinse capability on every loader truck to ensure environmental stewardship.
-  have an enclosed bulk chemical system on every loader truck to ensure environmental stewardship.
-  use the proper nozzle configuration to maximize control.
-  use higher volume application to increase the percent of control.
-  have an in-house GIS department that facilitates information exchange from and to our customers.
-  are "Setting New Standards for the Industry."

North Star Helicopters has been applying herbicides aerially since 1997.  Over that time we have developed several new application techniques and utilized some very special technology to advance
our Precision Aerial Application Service.

Precision aerial application is better for the customer, better for the environment, and just better business.