I.        Size and Capacity

     1. 1000 gal Jet-A tank
     2. 3000 gal clean water tank
     3. 800 gal chemical tank
     4. 250 gal mix tank

III.      DOT 406 Specification on All Tanks

     1. Double walled tanks
     2. Roll-over protection
     3. Emergency hazmat values
     4. Spill proof lids

II.       Best Management Practices (BMP)

1. Triple rinse capability on every truck
2. Rinse water sprayed over treatment area.
3. Calibrated chemical meters
4. Separate clean water tank
5. Dry breaks with closed chemical system
6. Air gap and filter on clean water intake system

IV.      Chemical Bulk System

Our enclosed chemical system provides clean, safe, and environmentally friendly chemical handling and loading.

V.       Productivity

Our trucks load the chemical and fuel for helicopter from the heliport on top of loader truck. Full load of chemical can be loaded in under 30 seconds, and with fuel around 45 seconds total.

Loader Trucks